Nick at Mr. Smiths, Bournemouth,
Friday 1st November 2002 - by first-time Harpergigger Vicci Elliot

Well what can I say? I was absolutely blown away by Nick tonight. Being the first time I have seen him live I wasn't sure what to expect, but boy was he good.

Venue was very small, but sold out (100 people). I met Nick before the gig and got a cd signed. I asked if he was playing Out Of It - he said that he wasn't going to but... He was supported by Ben Jones, who I saw in Southampton supporting Glenn Tilbrook. Ben was great and I got a signed CD from him as well.

Nick came on at nine, and started with A Hundred Things. He played Out Of It to my delight, despite his guitar string snapping, he restrung it whilst singing the chorus. Can't remember all of what he sang - Two Way Thing, Aeroplane, The Magnificant G7, Before They Put Me In The Ground, Song Of Madness, The Tyger, Smithereens, Galaxy Song and a new one written in Scotland about his daughter. Another guitar string snapped spectularly during the intro to one song!

After lots of persuasion, he finally finished with a version of Frank Zappa's Titties And Beer, which he had forgotten words to and started a conversation between himself and the devil! He finally finished around 11:15.

I got my picture taken with him afterwards and got to talk with Ben Jones, who managed to talk me and my mum into seeing them tomorrow in Reading. We live in Basingstoke which was 60 miles from Bournemouth, but Reading is only 15 so we said we'll go. Mum was very impressed , I think I managed to convert her into a Harper fan! I also got photos of Nick on stage [which I may send in later]. Can't wait til tonight!

Created 6 November 2002
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