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Pensive at the Railway Tavern, Greenfield, 19 July 2002 - photo by PLC

Welcome to the unofficial home of Harperism on the web! This is a fan(atic) site devoted to Nick Harper, the most amazing musician most of the world doesn't know. If you've made it here, either you've been having a lot of fun with Google or, congratulations, you've got very good taste! In musicians, if not in websites...

Here's why it's really hard to sum up Nick Harper in a day, never mind a paragraph. If you've never seen Nick, you may not understand why his fans go on so much about what a genius he is. It isn't just to drive you crazy. Basically, he is great at all times and he can be awe-inspiring at the best of times. It's so not fair, not only can he do things to a guitar that would probably be declared illegal in 28 states, not only can he write a song that is full of raw emotion or humour or militant fire, not only is he funnier onstage than people who want to be comedians, but he can also sing like an angel. Or the devil, if that better suits. ;^) He's mad as a hatter, he's cute as a button, and he is one of the nicest, most down to earth people you might ever dub a virtuoso. He walks away from concerts where the whole crowd was giving him a standing O worried that he didn't give enough of himself. His first live album came out in 2002 and it was my fave album of the year (okay I predicted that, but... :), and his album Blood Songs was just as good in 2004, as Treasure Island is this year... yes, he is that damn good.

Photo by Julie Angel, courtesy Dave and Sue Burnham

Nick at the Suffolk and Goode festival, 1993 (photo by Julie Angel)
Free of the usual jokes so you can all appreciate this great photo!
(see more of Julie's photos here)

Nick's Angel award - the first of many?

Congratulations to Nick on his 2003 Bank of Scotland Herald Angel award, presented on behalf of the Glasgow Herald for musical excellence at the Edinburgh Fringe - fantastic, we couldn't agree more! Details can be found here. The awards ceremony was held at Edinburgh's Festival Theatre on Saturday 23 August 2003, but sadly Nick could not be there as he was on his way to Canterbury Fayre (and most of the HHOH massive was crashed out in a field). Thanks to Jan McClean of Juniper Promotions, who accepted the award on Nick's behalf (and then passed it along to him in London in October 2003), for the above photograph. Pictures of Nick united with his award coming soon!

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