More Harperism on the Net

Photo courtesy of Komedia and Quixotic Records

The mission: to find myriad homes of Harperism on the web so you don't have to... it's a tough job but I don't mind doing it. I'll try to update this page fairly often - there's some good stuff to find out there, once you set your mind to it!

Nick's official and not-so-official sites: Nick Harper, the pop star years - material with a Squeeze-y bias: "Hey, aren't you Nick Harper's dad?" Roy Harper official and not-so-official sites (and oh yeah they usually mention Nick too!): Fan sites for both Nick and Roy: Reviews (and previews!) of Nick gigs and records: Random discussion about Nick: Friends of the HOH and other useful sources of information: And the truly weird:

Updated 24 September 2005
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