Nick On Film

So cute it hurts! Nick perfects his Hendrix impersonation,
onstage with his dad at the 1968 Cambridge Folk Festival
(photo courtesy Roy's 60th birthday gig programme)

Ever since I put out a plea for pix to the various Nick-related mailing lists I'm on, I've been getting some great shots from all over the world. I'll be putting up some of my own pictures too, but somehow I don't think I can compete with the talent of the Nick fans I've met so far. Check them out - links below (nb: any resemblance between Nick and Robin Williams has been noted and is purely coincidental!)

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Nick and yours truly meet at the Barrowlands, 17 November 1996

A webmistress is born! Paula meets Squeeze new boy Nick
for the first time at the Glasgow Barrowlands, 17 November 1996

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