Photos of Nick and Roy at the Robin 2
Bilston (nr. Wolverhampton), 12 October 2002

Paula writes: This was a local gig for HHOH movie supremo Philippa, so it's only appropriate that Roy looks a lot like her Uncle Jeff! (sorry Phil, it had to be said) Nick shook off what looked to be a small case of nerves and ran circles round the adoring crowd - literally! After a circuit of the room during Headless, he ended up on the bar wildly riffing away. Both he and Roy were on fine form during their gig, bantering and dealing with hecklers with the same ease in which they harmonized together. In addition, it's only the third time ever I've seen Nick play electric guitar, and I loved it. But that's a story for another review...

Opening set:

See bar, see Nick, see Nick jump on bar

Roy and Nick:

Something you don't see everyday - Nick on electric guitar

Listening raptly to one of Roy's stories

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Updated 4 March 2003
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