Photos from London Half Moon Putney
23 July 2003

Nick duets with Fluff at the Half Moon, 23 July

Paula writes:I've mentioned before that the Half Moon in Putney is one of my fave venues. When I first moved to this country - before I'd ever heard of this Harper guy - my new friends in London dragged me there for gigs and I've gone back ever since. I have a lot of fond memories of the place. So I've made an effort to come back here twice to see Nick play, including just this past month. Moving house 5 days before (and 400 miles away) was a minor deterrent! Hopefully a full review of this gig should follow soon, but in short it was hot, crowded, slightly chaotic, mostly underrehearsed (Nick's opinion, not really mine!)... and extremely good. Including the velvet trousers. ;) He gave us all something to look forward to by mentioning that he'd been mixing the new album that week, and played a few songs from it that have become firm favourites. There was even something you hardly ever see at one of Nick's gigs - he duetted, with violinist Fluff (last seen on stage with Darren Poyzer in Glossop 2 weeks before). They played together on The Magnificent G7 and Radio Silence, and I think she added a lot to each song. Here's hoping they work together again.

Created 14 August 2003
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