Photos from London Metropolitan University Sub Club
4 October 2005

All photos by greasemonkey (editing for website by PLC)

The wanderer and his shadow

Paula writes: Nick kicked off his autumn tour in fine style with this warmup gig at London Met, as part of Freshers' Week. Get 'em interested while they're still young, right? A few diehard fans were disappointed when they couldn't buy tickets (the students got in for free - how dare they!) so our man was nice enough to sneak them in. What a guy. :) Faithful reader greasemonkey documented the night very well for us, though for some reason we can only think of one word: "HAIRCUT!!!"

Poetry (and hair) in motion

"Are you looking at my hair?!?"

"Okay, that's ENOUGH hair jokes!"

Created 12 October 2005
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