Photos of Nick and Roy at the Assembly Rooms Darwin Suite
Derby, 12 October 2002

Paula writes: Part of me wants to say this was the gig where if anything could go wrong it would. Nick falling on the way to the stage and breaking a peg off the Lowden as well as knocking the electrics out of whack? Check. The string to that peg breaking so he couldn't change it during the set? Check. Having to play The Tyger on his electric as it was the only guitar left he could use? Very weird, but check. Roy, who never breaks a string, breaking a string? Check. But yet, somehow, it all came together and it was a magical night. You'll have to take our word for it - these two lead a charmed life. Pray silence for Nick's trusty Lowden though - apparently he's got a new one on order, and not a moment too soon. We think this guitar has earned a long vacation!

Opening set:

Rock god by necessity - Nick with the last guitar standing.
Best joke of the night: Nick: "What can I play with five strings?" Audience: "Banjo!"

Roy and Nick:

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