Nick and Roy at Derby Assembly Rooms,
12 October 2002 - by Anna

First off, what a shame about the problems at the Cardiff Coal Exchange gig! Having attended that venue I can confirm that it's usually a great place to see bands play. Big Chris' comments about the rowdy rabble struck a chord with me. I can only conclude they're the very same bunch who attended Nick's show at the Monkey Bar, Swansea back in May this year - they totally spoilt the whole gig for me and many others.

I had put that particular catastrophe down to the fact that Nick didn't come onstage until after 11pm because he had two support acts. I thought the incessant shouting was perhaps down to major beer consumption but it seems to be that there are certain people who simply lack respect for artistes and the rest of us. Nick has since told me that he doesn't want to play at the Monkey Bar again - apart from the noise, the venue was ridiculous... he had to perform right next to the front door and had way too many distractions to contend with (but still managed to play a blinder). Well, it's just a pity these "Gig Hooligans" can't be forcibly stopped from entering the premises, isn't it?! They never seem to be ejected once they're in.

Note to Paula and Phillipa: it was great to see you at Derby recently! Quelle surprise - I manage to bag a front row seat only to find it was right next to the pair of you! It certainly was a weird gig, insofar as Nick had to turn himself from Acoustic Maestro into Rock God... along with various "Kiss" poses, no less. When I spoke to him at the interval he said he thought it had been a disaster - I disagreed, it was an experience and he pulled it off with his usual zany humour.

Roy managed to enthrall my friend Tina. She hadn't heard any of his music before, let alone seen him live, so now she knows what she's been missing all these years. All in all, a great night out. Respectful audience, nice vibes between father and son AND I got to keep Nick's broken tuning peg warm - I won't say where I put it, only that it had failed to hatch when I later returned it to him. Doh.

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Created 4 March 2003
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