Photos from Birmingham MAC
30 November 2002

Paula writes: We could write a novel about our (mis)adventures after this show ended, but that's for another day, or another website... perhaps one about lost episodes of The Twilight Zone. But as for the marathon 2+ hour show itself, it was a great way to end this mainland tour before Nick went off to Ireland. We were slightly sad because it was the last show we would see in 2002, however we couldn't help but gasp! in wonder at the showmanship, boggle! at the great versions of the songs we already knew, and laugh! like drains as Nick arsed around with a very friendly (and eerily familiar - we HAVE been to too many gigs!) crowd. Put it this way - not only could Big Chris get a PhD in Harperism *cough* showoff *cough*, but he and Nick could put together a comedy act if times get tight! For the HOH crew, it made a fitting end to a surreal but wonderful 2002.

Nick debating Harperhistory with Big Chris. Probably.

It's behind you! Oh no it's not etc....
panto season starts early at the MAC

One of a few broken strings that evening

Cheers then! (sorry, wrong Quixotic artist ;)

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