Photos from Maclachlan's Bar
Glasgow, 19 June 2000

Nick Harper: likes table dancing in Glasgow

Have you ever had such a good time somewhere that you forgot important things like, oh, say, when it happened? Well, here is the problem, dear readers. These pictures were taken at Nick's storming free gig in June 2000 at Maclachlan's Bar in Glasgow, sadly no longer in existence. Boy, did they have a good selection of beers. But I digress.

For ages, we could not remember the exact date for this gig. I mean, I was there - I took the pictures. I know Nick's Scottish promoter Tam was there - he put on the gig and his lovely features are peeking out in the pic on the lower right. I know Nick was there - unless this is his evil twin. And I know the table was there - Nick ran all the way down it (it was a VERY long barroom). But when was it? We knew at one time, and so did Maclachlan's website, but bar gone, website gone. Crud. In a very scientific study, anyone who was there who could be arsed to respond to us thought that it was probably Monday 19 June. And lo and behold, it WAS the 19th - thanks to Paul at Stormcock for clearing that up. So maybe we were somewhat sober after all. To be honest, it was process of elimination stuff - it seemed to fit in after Arran. ;)

Great gig, great artworks (by Padraic Reaney, I've learned), great beer, great company... if only we could remember more of it!

Created 14 September 2002
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