Photos from Brightlingsea (Essex) Festival
23 July 2005

All photos by Bradley Chippington (editing for website by PLC)

"Don't hate me because I'm beautiful..."

Paula writes:Well, there's a lot I would love to say about this festival, and I may if I ever get the time and inclination to write a review. Nick played on a stage next to rows of beach huts in this Essex seaside town, had a female sponsor for his set (not me), was nearly pounced on by a drunk fan wrapped in a cannabis flag (STILL not me) and had other female teenage fans filming him on their mobile phones (sadly, again not me haha). He even drew the winning lottery tickets for the day. Now that's a fulfilling day's work! All you really need to know is this free festival was a fun day out by the sea. And it gave me a chance to meet Brad (check out his website, linked above) - he has a really good eye for photographs, and caught the same halo of light that I got in some of my photos. But sadly for me, his pics are better. ;) Hope we get more from him in future...


Here's a photo tuturial in string changing - try to keep up!

Guitar genius at work

Created 11 October 2005
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