Photos from the West End Centre
Aldershot, 15 November 2002

Paula writes: This gig at the West End Centre was completely different than the last one we saw - there was 2001's mosh-y gig full of teenagers (and us - we're not proud) with Nick as support, then there was 2002's would-be sedate seated affair. Sedate, with Nick (and cohort Ben Jones) there? As if. Featuring the World's Creakiest Stage (and the World's Longest Running Joke about the squeaky floorboard), Ben playing 2 guitars at once (amazing ;), and yet another Harper Dice with Death on the World's Most Unstable Table.

The return of Ben Jones - check him out if you can

Hey kids, don't try this at home: if it's a table, Nick's on it. Again. Showoff. ;)

Created 6 February 2003
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