Photos from Castlekirk
Lochranza, Isle of Arran, 20 April 2002

Paula writes: After having lived here for almost 8 years, it may be too easy to say how beautiful Scotland is. After a while, people probably stop believing me! But even my breath was taken away by the Isle of Arran, a mere ferry ride from the middle of the west coast of Scotland - really only a couple of hours from Glasgow. Even in the rain (which we saw a lot of that weekend!), it is stunning, with seaviews and hilly vistas you almost can't describe. No wonder I get the impression this is Nick's favourite place to play in Scotland - who could blame him? Especially when the venue is as exciting as the surroudings. Castlekirk is a former church which now serves as a B&B, art gallery and stunning medieval hall-like performance space. Nick played by candlelight without a PA to 50 people, and you could hear a pin drop... well, that's when he wasn't heckling or being heckled by the friendly attendees (or being offered killer homebrew!). We're loath to go on about the beauty of this place (because we want to get in next time :), but Vickie and Tam, who own the B&B and promote Nick's gigs there, make it very special. You should go out of your way to stay with them if - when - you visit Arran.

If it's a table, he's on it (nice arse comment deleted for space)

Created 16 October 2002
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