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Nick by candlelight at the Bein Inn, Glenfarg, 23 April 2002 - photo by PLC

When I was thinking about how to develop this website, I decided to put together a list of Nick's live dates, as much as a reference for myself as for anything. I've gone to see quite a few (way too many? :) gigs over the years, and I've never been that good at remembering where's and when's. My inspiration was the Squeeze tour history put together by the like-minded It solved all those drunken late-night "No, that night we saw Squeeze at Club Casino and danced on the tables was in 1994, wasn't it?" dilemmas. Now if we only remembered the name of Hong Kong Phooey's cat... but I digress.

Here is my first stab at putting together a history of Nick's live career. I've heard that he played his first solo gigs in 1994 or thereabouts, but have only found gigs with Roy before 1995 as yet. And what I have found can be either sketchy or possibly incorrect (if dates changed after they were posted/written etc.). But hey, it's a start. I've included all dates he played in these years, including opening sets, gigs with Roy, and his stint with Squeeze. If the location of a tour isn't mentioned, dates are in the UK.

In addition to the information I've collected over the years, I've drawn from many sources whom I'd like to thank: Nick's label Quixotic Records, especially for info they saved from Nick's original website; the now-defunct Squeeze fanclub (hi Zaena and Sukie!), whose Mumbo Jumbo 'zines proved invaluable and introduced me to Nick in the first place; the aforementioned; Paul Davison and all the wonderful inhabitants of the Stormcock mailing list; Darren Crisp, Roy's manager; and Aaro's great Roy Harper HQ site. Thanks to them and to everyone else who has helped with corrections! :)

That's where you, dear visitors to the HHOH, come in. Any assistance you can give me in improving this would be most appreciated - especially if you saved that list of gigs from 1994 or before, hey, you're a lifesaver! Please contact me at our new email address with any additions, changes or feedback.

Anyway, on to the archive:

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Updated 29 July 2007
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