Nick at Buddle Arts Centre, Wallsend,
Friday 26 April 2002 - by Karin Brown

I got there before the doors opened as when he played there last year there were people standing at the back. We got sat at the front and I was sooo looking forward to the show. He was, as usual, (don't you just hate people who are ALWAYS brilliant!) brilliant. He even did a rather amusing interpretation of Welcome to Jazz Club from the Fast Show.

After the show I took all my CD inserts (including Double Life) over to him and he signed them for me. We chatted for a while (he is such a gentleman and charming with it), and I got a kiss, two cuddles and a photo taken with him. I'm now considering travelling somewhere else to see him.

Whilst chatting to him, I asked if he was happy with the fame and recognition he has or whether he would like to be more in the musical public eye. I mentioned about the fact that I think he should be featured on Later With Jools Holland so he said to me, "Well, write to them," which I am going to do!

Oh, by the way, the very sad person that I am I got one of the two snapped guitar strings he threw onto the stage.

Updated 6 August 2002
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