Taking Footy On The Road, Squeeze Style

Nick (right) with Squeeze, Glasgow Barrowlands, 17 November 1996 - photo by PLC

Paula writes: Many of us who were Squeeze fans were lucky enough to belong to their fan club in the mid-90s when they published the fantastic Squeeze 'zine Mumbo Jumbo. Some of those were even luckier and got to see their reviews and photographs in print in that very same 'zine. One of these is a Mr. N. Harper, who wrote the following piece on the intricacies of a game he referred to as "dressing room footy". It's nice to see that bands work so hard on tour!

I can reveal the secret of the great gigs Squeeze do on tour - dressing room footy. Often with a vast pitch, the size of one of Glenn's chord progressions, we could really show our stuff to the delight (and often destruction) of the rider.

Every Saturday at 3 (or is it Monday at 8?) I revel in the glamour and excitement of the live game and watch the highly paid professionals vie for the mantle 'Champions'. But my eyes mist over when I think of the grass roots game, the game of the people.

I will never forget the super skills of Keith "Slinky" Wilkinson or his equally famous brother Kevin, who is very good with his head (particularly anagrams); The Captain "Toepunt" Tilbrook who always led from the front and sometimes took the ball; or "Deadly Difford" the "Deptford Dynamo" with a right foot more venomous than that nurse in From Russia With Love.

We all played for each other, we kept fit, we bounded onto the stage with the knowledge that we had all scored without catching any nasty rashes, we took each gig as it came and at the end of the Festive Season, in our own way, we were the Champs.

Created 9 February 2002
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