Nick at the Cobblestone, Dublin,
Monday 2 December 2002 - by Michael Joyce

First off Nick is without doubt one of the best solo live acts I have experienced... and there have been quite a few. The sum of the parts is quite breaktaking, moving and inspired.

As regards the set it was along the lines of previous reviews, however for me the highlights were the quiter songs such as The Magnificient G-7 (where he took a shot at "Tory Blair" to the amusement of the mainly Dublin crowd) and The Verse Time Forgot but it is the whole thrilling blend of his performance which makes it all work so well. Some of my friends who caught the bug after his performance with Roy were in absolute awe and can't wait for the next gig.

The turnout was good, considering that there was very little publicity and the venue change did'nt help either. But Nick deserves better... I personally think that Nick/his management should really make a concerted effort to make a big breakthrough here in Ireland. It's a good launching pad - less competition, less of an investment - which could pay off. I'd say David Gray is glad he did and compared to Nick he's average - oops! [no probs Mike, I agree LOL - partial editor] Keep playing here more regularly, push the media, radio, tv... The ivory towers are not quite as tall this side of the water. I think it's worth a try.

Created 17 November 2003
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