On The Fringe Of Sanity: Harperfringe 2002

Nick at Edinburgh Southside for his third show of the Fringe, 7 August 2002 - check out that shirt! Photo by PLC

Paula writes: It was that time of year again... tourists as far as the eye can see, bagpipers even further than that, half-naked Latvian fire-eating motorcycle-riding jugglers up and down the High Street handing out flyers for performance art showcases, Edinburgh city councillors getting all hot under the collar about the Puppetry of the Penis show, me getting asked if I'm an American tourist an average of 8 times a day... you get the general picture... oh yeah, and Nick at the Fringe, which is the best part. ;) Sadly, the whole circus is over now, so we'll be winding down the diary soon, but here's a bit of the flavour of the Fringe.

Almost all the gigs sold out, which was fantastic and meant that we got an extra show (see below). The daytime shows were a bit Harpic Lite - an hour never seems like enough for Nick to really get going - but he wooed the crowds in fine style. Over the course of the festival, he a) nearly sat in a patron's lap playing Like Punk Never Happened, b) humped the speaker trying to get feedback out of his Lowden, c) played a duet with his mobile phone (see the Glasgow Herald review below for more), d) forgotten to turn on the tape recorder (see below) three times when he was starting gigs, e) remembered the name of the chancellor Gordon Brown by singing it to the tune of the Stranglers' Golden Brown, f) ridden a giant inflatable hammer across the stage (you had to be there, I suppose!), g) persevered nobly through at least one major hangover, h) handed out cough sweets to members of the audience, i) displayed his full arsenal of funky shirts (see above for an example) - hubba hubba ;), and j) played the most blinding version of Headless we may ever have heard. And that's all just what we saw!

Since we had Nick virtually at our back door for almost a whole month (it's a hard life, but someone's gotta live it... hey you're just lucky we gave him back, he brought the good weather with him!), we felt it was our civic duty to keep you all informed of what happened up here. So here's the latest news, schmooze and utter randomness that is Harperfringe 2002 - watch this space for the last few updates

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