Nick at Grimsby Spider's Web,
Tuesday 26 November 2002 - by Steve Pursglove

Quiet moment, loud shirt - photo by Colin Lane

Can I swear? Thanks. What a f*ckin' fantastic 48 hours I've had!

Everything went to plan. I sold 62 tickets (about half the audience) and therefore endeared myself to the promoter, I got personal thanks from the stage by both Nick and Jont, and then heard spellbinding sets from both of them. But the real highlight of the day was after most people had gone home and they sat on adjoining bar tables and played 25 minutes worth of the most fabulous acoustic jamming interplay you could ever wish for. They were both like kids at Chrismas, so obviously enjoying each other's company. I wish I'd had Paula's digital camera, 'cos it would've made a wonderful 30 seconds worth for the HOH. I have something similar on my list for Santa, ready for next time!

During a short break whilst Jont thought of what to play next, Nick even did Radio Silence on the new Lowden - life does not get any better than that. After everything his voice has been through, he still nailed the song and the sustain perfectly. It reinforced my previous thoughts that it's the best song I've ever heard in my life. I almost discovered how easy it is for grown men to wet themselves in sheer delight!

The promoter was mightily impressed with Jont, who has been invited back to headline next year, and Nick is going to be booked into the much bigger (and FAR nicer) Winter Gardens in Cleethorpes. Could mean a trip to the Lincolnshire seaside for PLC and friends! [hey I can go to Scarborough while I'm there, sounds like a big win, Steve - if we can get Nick to play Blackpool, my holiday will be complete ;) - P.]

The other thing I discovered was that the new version of Love is Music / Headless now includes a wonderful extract from Grace by Jeff Buckley. I've got the album but never really got into it. Needless to say, I've listened to it properly today, so that I'll know the words in time for Friday in Rotherham (my home town, no less).

Don't know whether you've seen Jont before (he opened for Nick in Hebden Bridge in 2001), but [Harper fans] would absolutely love his music. He has a new album out which is a sort of compilation of his career so far, but some of the tracks are really strong. And having made him a bacon sandwich for his breakfast today (at 11.55am fer chrissakes!), I can confirm that he's officially a really nice bloke. Destined for stardom, without a doubt.

I suppose I should comment on Nick's performance... 50% better than in Spilsby, and right back up there with Hebden Bridge. He had the day off on Monday, and looked and sounded rejuvenated. He commented that this is the last time he's ever going to play 6 nights a week for two months. Good lad... about time too!

I suppose I'd better go and pinch myself again, to make sure that it's not all been a dream (and YOU think YOU'RE a wuss, Paula!)...

Updated 10 December 2002
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