Nick at Club Semifinal, Helsinki, Finland,
Saturday 26 October 2002 - by Aaro Koskinen

Paula writes: Make sure to check out the link for Aaro's pics at the end of the review - they're great! Love the photo of the radio session.

The Helsinki concert certainly was fantastic! I hadn't seen Nick solo since 1998, and didn't remember how bloody good he is. I just love the BIG live sound he has developed. He rocks!

Here's the setlist: She Rules My World / Karmageddon / "Gordon Brown" / The Magnificient G7 / The Vampire Song [aka Here Today, Here Tomorrow] / Guitar Man/Whole Lotta Love / Instrumental / Smithereens / Building Our Own Temple [three broken strings!] / In Our Time / Radio Silence / The Galaxy Song / She Makes Music / Love Is Music/Headless / You Brought A New Kind Of Love To Me [unplugged in the audience]

The place wasn't fully packed but I think there was quite a few people there! Someone told me the actual count but I can't remember it anymore (too much drinking at that point...), I think it did quite well for an "unknown artist". nd the crowd loved the gig, they were really into it. I hope Nick will get many new fans. Nice to see some diehard fans there too, coming from Sweden, and even from Scotland! (Hi Jan!)

Thanks to Otto Talvio, there was a special mention about the gig the day before in Helsingin Sanomat (the daily newspaper in Finland) - the article was about musician dads vs. sons, and there was a picture of Nick with the caption "Nick Harper is better than his dad."

Nick did also a live session before the gig at Radio City, he played Radio Silence and Love Is Music/Headless and there was also a short interview. The interviewer didn't know much about Nick and it was great to see his jaw drop when Nick played two songs right in front of him. He was totally amazed by Nick's playing.

By the way, I just realized the clock was turned one hour back last night, cheez, I wondered why the bar was open after 4am?! Oh well.

Lots of thanks to Steve for organizing the gig, and of course to Nick for coming here to play, to Foxy for being good company, also hello and thanks to people who came to chat, great to always meet some very nice people at Harper gigs! What a crazy weekend it was.

Check out Aaro's photo page from the Helsinki gig and radio session here

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