Nick at the Victoria Theatre, Halifax
(opening for the Levellers),
Wednesday 5 March 2003 - by Colin Lane

Joy and I arrived at the Victoria Theatre in Halifax about 7.15 on Wednesday and we bumped straight into Steve Pursglove who had made the 2hour+ journey from Grimsby especially to see Nick. Joy and I were downstairs and Steve was upstairs, so on finding that Nick wasn't coming on until about 8.15 we stayed just outside the stalls so we could chat, and listen to the first support Kovax (sp?). We briefly saw Nick and managed a quick word with him. After the first support we went into the main area, after saying our goodbyes to Steve, who said he probably wouldn't stay for the full Levellers set. By this time the theatre was filling up nicely.

Nick came on to enthusiastic applause. I heard someone close to me say something like "oh no not another support act". Nick started with Build our own temple - a good one to start with, as anyone in the audience who had reservations were soon in awe of his guitar playing.

2nd he did Titties and beer which went down even better - was it for the comedy element, or were there lots of people who knew the Frank Zappa original? I'm not sure. When Nick in character claimed to have forgot the words a few shouted them out for him.

3rd was Song of madness, and finally Nick finished with Love is music with the other things thrown in - I hoped he would go into Headless but sadly he didn't.

A quick plug to sign his mailing list and to tell the audience his name and he went off to even more rapturous applause.

Joy overheard some complimentary things said about Nick later on in the evening, at the bar. The talk in the Men's toilets straight after Nick's set was something to do with Jimmy Page and Roy!

I hope his fan base increases even more from doing this tour, I personally would have liked just Nick in support and him being able to do 45-60 minutes (but I'm biased). Anyone who is thinking about going to see Nick, you have to consider that he only gets about 20 minutes. I don't think he needs our support, as he won the audience over no problem. But on the other hand I quite enjoyed the Levellers - it's not easy when you don't know a band's music, and as no solo dates for Nick have yet been announced for this year you may need a small fix of Nick.

Created 27 May 2003
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