Nick and Roy in Ireland,
September 2002 - by Mick Hanrahan

I have been to most of the Irish shows - Cork (both Clonakilty and Cork City), Galway and Dublin. In brief, Roy was in GREAT form and looking in good health. On this tour he is airing his "second drawer" of songs.

The set list was much the same on every night and it went as follows:

Commune / Rushing Camelot / Frozen Moment / (With Nick) / Short & Sweet / Bad Speech (Pt 1) / Drawn To The Flame (v. entertaining intro) / Francesca / Hangman / Sophisticated Beggar / Sleeping At The Wheel / Miles Remain / The Tallest Tree // The Green Man

I'm pretty sure that's all of them. I really enjoyed the gigs as there were one or two songs that I haven't heard live for ages. The Clonakilty gig was really special - opening night in his local town. Very well turned out. I noticed Les Clague was there - another fine 'local' guitarist! I met Chris Moxon during a smoke break at Cork (I hope that you enjoyed the rest of your holiday here, Chris).

For me Dublin was the best, apart from a couple of pricks near the stage who never shut up - one of them even answered his phone and proceeded to have a conversation with whoever was at the other end. I thought that Roy really enjoyed this particular gig. He played very well and stayed on stage for quite a while.

Nick just gets better and better. I brought a couple of different people to each gig and everyone of them were blown away by Nick. I met Nick after the gig and he told me that he was having trouble with his guitar and he was to bring it to Lowden last Friday to be repaired so hopefully that should be done by now.

Nick's sets included:

She Rules My World / Karmageddon / The Magnificent G7 / new song for his daughter / Smithereens / Building Our Own Temple / Galaxy Song / Headless

I managed to buy a copy of [Roy's new rarities album] Today Is Yesterday and it hasn't left the car stereo since. I was in Connemara at the weekend and it really passed hours of dreadful traffic on the way home last night. I love the first 9 tracks.

Created 31 October 2002
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