Nick and Roy at Liverpool Neptune Theatre,
Wednesday 2 October 2002 - by Phil McHoul

Nick's Set: She Rules My World / Karmageddon / The Magnificent G7 / Aeroplane / Building Our Own Temple etc / The Verse Time Forgot / She Makes Music / Love is Music/Headless

Roy's Set: Commune / Rushing Camelot / Frozen Moment / Short & Sweet / Bad Speech / Drawn to the Flames / Francesca / Hangman / Asleep at the Wheel / Sophisticated Beggar / Miles Remains / The Tallest Tree / The Green Man

Just got back from said gig. An enjoyable evening in the company of friends. Nick kicked off the evening with a fine set during which he broke and replaced his D string in the first song. He was also getting a running score from someone in the balcony on the evening's Liverpool match.

Roy played a largely gentle but lovely set. It was a real pleasure to hear the likes of Francesca and Asleep at the Wheel. Nick's electric accompaniment was great too. I much prefer it when Roy dumps the usual stuff and takes a bit of a chance. I never want to hear another extended rendition of Cricketer or a two verse version of White Man.

The audience was appreciative and generally quiet. The scallies must have grown up or moved to Manchester in the last 3 years. What little heckling there was was good natured and Roy said that he'd like to take us to all his gigs.

There were some very amusing moments particularly the large bloke next to us who accidentally revealed his brickie's bum cleavage at the end. And apparently Nick came on dressed as The Grim Reaper but I missed it due to a pee break!

Created 30 November 2002
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