Nick at New Brighton Rhythm & Blues Festival
Sunday 3 June 2002 - by Bruffy B and Maggie Hornby

Bruffy B's review

The day's festivities started badly when the thunder and lightning started as the first band were coming on. Then we found out that Nick was to be playing last. When he finally came on the rain had stopped and a lot more people had turned up. He did a blinding set, which consisted of the following songs, not in any particular order:

She Rules My World, Karmageddon, Guitar Man, Radio Silence, Building Our Own Temple, The Verse Time Forgot, No Truth Up In The Mountains, Aeroplane, Song Of Madness, "The Vampire Song" [Here Today, Here Tomorrow], "Song For Lily" (don't know the name), A New Kind Of Love??, The Galaxy Song, Love Is Music / Caterpiller On A Coca Leaf [???], Titties And Beer

I really didn't expect him to sing Titties And Beer with all the children present, but he asked if he could, and did a cracker complete with all the swear words under the sun. It was great to hear New Brighton front alive with the sounds of Nick singing "nippy nippy nip bouncy bouncy bounce" etc etc.

Altogether a cracking gig, he had the crowd in the palm of his hands, even the couple of total nutters who always seem to attend Nick's gigs [and I wasn't even there :) - Paula]. A very enjoyable afternoon, which just confirmed even more how much of a talented chap he is. Nick really stole the show - he turned a crowd of people drinking and talking to a crowd totally dedicated to listening to him. He seems to get better each time i see him. Brilliant stuff!

Maggie's review

Vale Park in New Brighton was an intimate gathering for live music lovers, complete with face-painting, chips, ice-creams and a chill breeze from the Mersey. It's a lovely park with a bandstand in need of a lick of paint which had the names of famous composers carved around the top. Lots of families with their children (and umbrellas, were enjoying various folk and rock bands including Tryckster, The Hot Tamales and Pure 9, so the atmosphere was friendly and relaxed.

The weather stayed fine for Nick's arrival on stage at about 5.30 ish and he asked if the contingent from the L2/Lomax venue were present. Attire for those interested - black shirt and black trousers. Set list in order, as follows:

She Rules My World, Karmageddon, Guitar Man (Whole Lotta Love mix), Radio Silence, a few requests for Smithereens and Janet And John, which he politely ignored, The Verse Time Forgot, Building Our Own Temple (broken string version just before Don't Believe The Hype), Here Today Here Tomorrow, No Truth Up In The Mountains, The Wanderer And His Shadow, Aeroplane, Song Of Madness, Galaxy Song, Love Is Music (as an absolutely perfect intro to Headless and another string break almost timed to the "Double Life" recording), The Lily Song, a started then abruptly finished Butcher as part of Out Of It - probably with the 7pm curfew in mind), Nick tossed in A New Kind Of Love instead.

He then asked if Titties And Beer had a lot of swear words in it, looking around at the assembled children. "No, we're past the watershed," was the response back. So he made it ruder than ever. Our 12 year old was highly amused and the ten year old highly confused. ;)

Nick played well past the 7pm cut off - we all promised the organisers to clear the decks as soon as he'd fninished. Thanks to all the authorities involved for a terrific Jubilee celebration which beat the palace one for me!

Created 9 June 2002
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