Nick at The Half Moon, Putney
Friday 3 May 2002 - by Catherine Wightwick

Balance is everything! Nick at Putney, 3 May - photo by PLC

It was great to see Nick in such good form and humour at what was an excellent gig. Just the two broken strings... he really ought to get some tougher G-strings! He's obviously recovered well from the broken arm. His guitar playing and voice were as good as I've heard them. He played "The Verse Time Forgot" as an encore, and at the end a heckler shouted out "That was f***ing beautiful, Nick" which really summed it all up well.

The floor at the Half Moon was very uncomfortable for prolonged sitting, but the security men there kept on coming through and very thoughtfully asking us to stand up because there was no room at the back. Nick then encouraged us to sit down again... and so it went on. There were a surprising amount of people at the back talking very loudly. If you've paid to go & see someone play, surely you listen to them? It seems a little strange to me to go to a gig and then talk over it all. Perhaps I'm the strange one.

Picked up Double Life on the night, and have played little else since! It captures the energy of the live performance in a way that the studio albums do not (although they do have other merits!).

Still recovering from meeting Paula! Hi Paula, and Jan, and Helen, and Philippa (the coven from Room 404 - that's four times as bad as Room 101)! And hi Big Chris [who goes onstage, where Moxons dare - Paula]!

Created 16 May 2002
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