Nick at Ruthin Acoustic Music Club,
Thursday 7 November 2002 - by Alan Thompson

Just a quick review of Nick's show in Ruthin, North Wales.

The venue was only tiny, about 80 people or so. It had sold out a couple of weeks beforehand, and I was pleasantly surprised to detect quite a few Nick newbies present (detectable by the telltale howls of surprise when Nick does the Led Zep thing [in Guitar Man]... you never react like *that* the second time, or third or fourth or fifth, etc etc)... as well as a few recognisable faces from previous gigs.

Nick started out well, and I thought for a while he was telepathically playing my perfect Nick set list. There was a weird kind of solid frailty to his singing last night, if that makes sense (?). I sensed a new sort of confidence and depth to his vocal expression, but at the same time he was definitely bunged up with a cold/flu, which clearly limited the range on some songs.

The first set was quite short, around 45 minutes, the second not much longer, so I think it was probably the shortest Nick gig I've ever been to, apart from Pigstock in August, but that was different.

Just how is it that he appears to keep getting better and better all the time??

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