Reviews of Seed

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Paula writes:Seed was Nick's first full-length album, and is one many still believe to be his best. Me, I was a Smithereens girl at first, but I have to admit that Seed has nearly become my favourite studio album. Give it a few more years! :) Most of the songs on this album still feature in his live set - though sadly not Pendle's Choice, my favourite of his instrumental numbers.

Total Guitar review - October 1995
(also included two tracks from Seed on the cover CD)

How often do you find talent like this? Nick Harper kicks off Seed with an instrumental acoustic guitar piece, Glittering Eye, spellbinding us with his innate musicality and effortless virtuosity, and follows it immediately with the utterly moving Kilty Stone, displaying his beautiful voice to full effect, and still backed with that astounding acoustic finesse.

The staggering runs that fall from his guitar like laughter and tears, the unreal tuning peg bends, are all evidence that not since the likes of Gordon Giltrap has a man been more sensitively in control of his instrument. If there's any justice in this cosmos, Nick Harper will be a huge star. His father must be extremely proud.

Created 2 May 2002
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