Nick at Spilsby,
Friday 16 November 2001 - by Steve Pursglove

An excellent if slightly subdued gig in Spilsby tonight.

Dawn Huckerby's [ace Nick fan and friend of the HHOH - PLC] little daughter Millie (one year old this week) was on the front row next to the speaker, so I think Nick eased his way through the first half to some extent. During the interval, she looked tired so Nick played some soothing lullabys [including Silent Night - PLC] whilst most of the punters queued at the bar. Having failed miserably to send her to sleep, it wasn't long into the second half before he launched into a blistering Karmageddon... after which she was out like a light for the rest of the show! I can't imagine anything less like Rock a bye baby, but it worked!

He also sang one of his rarely heard and unreleased classics, The Consumer Meets the Wolfman. Absolutely brilliant. Disappointingly, there was no support from Jont. The gig was completely sold out, although it's a lovely intimate venue of only 113 capacity. That's at least 3 sell-outs in the last week alone... hopefully a trend is developing.

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