Nick at The Spitz, London,
Thursday 14 February 2002 - by (the other) Steve Clarke

For those of you dithering about catching Nick's current tour... he was rather splendid last night at The Spitz. PA broke down so we were treated to real live acoustic blues and improvisations before quadrophenia was restored. Guitar playing was even more unbelievable - not just the harmonics, Hendrix-style mid song de-tunings and complexity - but some wonderful unadulterated Townshend* style thrashing and leaping that Townshend would have gagged at (sorry English teachers that should read "at which Townshend would have gagged").

For me, The Magnificent G7 and Aeroplane were the highlights - ...G7 because it hits the spot (and he really does play all those notes live) and Aeroplane because it caused three of the people in our Harper Appreciation Table to engage in some Whirling Dervish type head banging/dancing that forced me to tap my toes or suffer approbation for being boring.

Great night.

* Townshend - a guitar slayer with a sixties' beat combo called, perhaps wittily, "The Who"

See a photo from this gig here

Created 16 May 2002
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