Nick at Dorchester Tolpuddle Martyrs' Festival,
Sunday 20 July 2003 - by Martin Cosker

Thought I'd pop to the surface to tell you all about Nick's gig in Tolpuddle on Sunday. I think this was the earliest I'd ever seen him play - he started just after 11am and the venue was a bit more spacious than the usual haunt of Mr Smiths in Bournemouth that he normally plays in these parts. The air wasn't so thick either...

It was quite a restrained set with many of the songs reflecting the occasion (TUC rally in memory of the Tolpuddle Martyrs). One new song in particular was spot on: "I'm not on the left, I'm not on the right" - perfect! Even though this was a short set, he did manage to close with an abridged version of Love Is Music that had the desired effect on the crowd.

And my two year old son enjoyed him (that's m'boy!) and danced/clapped in the appropriate places.

Created 22 February 2004
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