Nick at The Horns, Watford
Saturday 17 November 2001 - by "Big" Chris Moxon

I hope Nick was okay at his Leicester gig on Sunday night, as we were still having a beer at 4:50am Sunday morning...

The Watford gig... erm, because of what I wrote above I'm having a hard time remembering the gig itself! The pub was The Horns. It only has 9 stools where people can sit down and watch the act - I managed to grab 33% of them! The rest of the folk are either standing up (at the very close bar) or watching the gig on the many TV's around the pub. So you could probably imagine that it wasn't the quietest of nights.

The support was a local duo called Wing And A Prayer who did a number with the landlord - a very entertaining set, Monty Python and Billy Connolly songs.

Nick came on at 9:00pm and played for just under 2 1/2 hours. I can't remember most of the songs; but he did play the usual including Aeroplane, Kettledrum Heart, and of course the infamous "Vampire Song" [nice try Chris, it's Here Today Here Tomorrow :) - pedantic ed.] - also Flying Dog, The Tyger, Karmageddon, Crazy Boy (not 'erd that for ages), Guitar Man... Basically he played more loud songs than usual to try and get the attention of the crowd! [I also heard he played Two Way Thing, one of my faves - Paula again] He ended with yet another brilliant rendition of Titties And Beer.

But the end of the gig was just the start of the night. Nick came over for a chat... and then went to bed way too long later! During that time we had a great time - both Nick and Dennis (the landlord) got their guitars out and had a bit of a singalong jam session (mainly Stephen Stills songs!) and Nick told us all some brilliant stories of his childhood. I just wish I wasn't so pissed and perhaps I could remember them!

Don't know if this is common knowledge, but according to Nick his favourite gig was when he played at Glastonbury in 1999; he reckons it wasn't his best performance musically, but he just felt that everything gelled together that day. Who am I to argue...

Must get to bed now... still suffering from Sunday morning!

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